Karnataka College of Pharmacy - A Hub for Foreign Students

The Maha Upanishad says ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ [the world is one family]. Globalization has made it possible for KCP to abide by this motto. Even though India is a culturally rich and diverse nation, unified through all adversities, it is further enriching its culture through the whole hearted welcoming of the foreign students. Karnataka state exists as pioneer in India in permitting self financed private educational institutes especially in the field of medical, pharmacy and engineering. Thus, every year huge numbers of students from other states of India and across globe have got the opportunity to pursue their education in this state

KCP at Global Recognition

The Karnataka Education Trust, which was established in 2003, started Karnataka College of Pharmacy [KCP] with a global vision of imparting quality education in pharmacy in the year 2004 with the Diploma and B. Pharmacy programs. As the institute implemented a successful support system for foreign students, tremendous response was received from all over. More number of students from Nepal and foreign nationals are choosing this institute to pursue pharmacy degree. Hence, the institute is recognized globally creating a demand for the admissions. This enabled the institute to add many more programs such as M. Pharmacy in Pharmaceutics and M. Pharmacy in Pharmacology in the year 2009; M. Pharmacy in Pharmaceutical Analysis, M. Pharmacy in Pharmaceutical Technology, Doctor of Pharmacy in the year 2010 and Pharm D PB in the year 2014.

The institute is distinguished to have more number of foreign students, over fifty percentage of its yearly intake was seen from various countries, namely, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Cameroon, Comoros, Congo, Cote D’Ivoire, D’Ivoire, Egypt, Eritrea, Ghana, Guineenne, Iraq, Iran, Ivory Costa, Kenya, Kuwait, Mali, Nepal, Nigeria, Romania, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Uganda and Yemen. It was an excellent opportunity to all foreign students to come together at this institute. A variety of students from all these countries created a mini world at this institute.

Distinctive Facilities for the foreign students

  • A system is in place to support the foreign nationals right from their arrival, FRRO registration and for their comfortable stay during the course period
  • The institute offers introductory and English communication classes before commencement of the academic year.
  • The institute follows a unique system in training, programs such as remedial, bridge course and certificate courses play a vital role in moulding the foreign students
  • The foreign student’s welfare committee comprising of foreign students and staff members to resolve any issues on real time.
  • Linguistic and traditional values of all countries are respected and accepted at KCP.
  • The cultural, sports and ethnic day is conducted to promote the students understanding of other cultures.

Learning for foreign students

The admissions for foreign students are offered at affordable price with best education at this institute which also helps the Indian education system to achieve global popularity and recognition. The institute has established its distinctive approach and trained the students to secure state level ranks; the foreign students also performed well while competing with the Indian students and secured forty nine state level ranks till now. Even though, few countries have had bad political bilateral foreign relationship, but the students from these countries at this institute live in harmony and develop a good friendship. The friendship developed here is being cherished even after when they return back to their countries and would further help in reducing the conflicts between the people of both the countries. They have an opportunity to respect the Indian ethnicity and taste the variety of rich and cultural Indian delicacies. The healthcare system differs from country to country, but the Indian healthcare system considered comparatively better and is one of the best in the world in the field of Pharmaceutical manufacturing, thus the foreign students will learn the system here and adopt these good practices back to their countries. Hence, as a model institute, it contributed to develop a system in other countries in the field of pharmacy.

Indian students gain

The blend of the different nationals helped each other in many ways apart from the curricular activities. The Indian students have a chance to familiarize themselves with foreign food habits and cultures. It gave an opportunity to learn the foreign languages leading to increase in interpersonal communication skill. This skill was helpful for the Indian students in shaping in their career. Considering the foreign student’s enthusiasm towards sports and cultural events, the Indian students interest on these activities got enhanced, especially sports like football and basketball. The faculty at the institute worked out their ways and put extra efforts in teaching the foreign students, simultaneously benefitting the Indian students. Indian students gained opportunities to get placement in other countries with the help of foreign students who studied in this institute.


At this institute every foreign individual feels homely and an environment is created that they easily amalgamate with the Indian culture. The foreign student alumni frequently talks about the remarkable changes that this institute brought in their lives.
India is rich in her heritage and the institute truly believes in the motto “Atithi Devo Bhava” meaning “Guest is equivalent to God”.