M. Pharmacy - Pharmaceutics
M. Pharmacy - Pharmacology
M. Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Technology
M. Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Analysis

Sl.No Branch Specialization Paper Name of the Subject
1 Pharmaceutics I
Modern Pharmaceutical Analysis
Preformulation and Production Management
Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics
Advances in Drug Delivery Systems
Pharmacology I

Modern Pharmaceutical Analysis
Advanced Pharmacology and Toxicology
Pharmacological Screening Methods and Clinical Evaluation
Molecular Biology
3 Pharmaceutical Technology I
Modern Pharmaceutical Analysis
Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology
Biopharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Analysis
Advances in Drug Delivery Systems
4 Pharmaceutical Analysis I
Modern Pharmaceutical Analysis
Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Analysis
Instrumental Methods of Analysis
Chemical and Biological Evaluation


Acandidate who has passed B.Pharm degree examination of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, of B.Pharm examination of any other recognized Indian University established by law in India or any other degree courses in Pharmacy recognized as equivalent by RGUHS or Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) and/or All India Council of Technical Education (A.I.C.T.E) for this purpose and who has secured not less than 55% of the maximum marks (aggregate of four years) prescribed of the qualification examination shall be eligible of the admission to the M.Pharm course.

Duration of the Course

The course of study including submission of dissertation on the topic registered shall be of 24 months (two Years) duration from the commencement of academic term.

The study of M.Pharm course shall be of annual system that includes M.Pharm Part-1 extending for twelve months from the commencement of academic term and M.Pharm Part – II of twelve months duration. At the end of M.Pharm part – I, there shall be an university examination of M.Pharm Part –II. At the end of M.Pharm Part –I, the candidate shall submit a dissertation on the topic approved by the university.


A Candidate pursuing M.Pharm Course shall study in the concerned department of the institution for the entire period as a full time student. No candidate is permitted to work in any laboratory/college/industry/Pharmacy, etc., While studying postgraduate course.

No candidate should join any other course of study or appear for any other examination conducted by this university or any other university in India or abroad during the period of registration.

Candidate who has put in a minimum of 80% of attendance in the theory and practical assignments separately shall be permitted to appear for M.Pharm part-I examination. Candidate who has put in a minimum of 80% of attendance in M.Pharm part-II shall only be eligible to submit the dissertation


There shall be an examination for M.Pharm part-I at the end of the academic year. For M.Pharm Part-II the examination shall be an evaluation of dissertation and Viva-Voce at the end of twelve months (one year) after commencement of M.Pharm Part –II course

Scheme of Examination
Sessional Examination

There shall be minimum of two sessional examinations in each subject of specialization conducted by the college at regular interval at the end of First term and Second term respectively both in theory and in practical which include seminars.
The sessional marks shall be awarded out of a maximum of 50 for theory and practical

University Examination (M.Pharm part-I)

There shall be two university examinations annually conducted at an interval of not less than four months. There shall be four thory papers in the university examination. Each theory paper shall be of 3 hours duration carrying 100 marks each. There shall be four practical examinations in all the respective brances. The duration of each practical examination if of six hours which carries 100 marks each.

Criteria for pass

M. Pharm part -1

A Candidate who secures 50% of marks in each subject in theory and practical separately including sessional marks and university examination marks together shall be declared to have passed in M.Phar part I examination

M. Pharm part – II

Every candidate pursuing M.Pharm course is required to carry out work on a selected research project under the guidance of a recognized postgraduate teacher. The result of such a work shall be submitted in the form of a dissertation.

Viva-voce examination

The Viva-voce examination shall be held after the submission of dissertation.
The minimum marks for pass in M.Pharm part II shall be 50% of the marks of dissertation and viva voce and an aggregate of 100 marks out of 200 marks.